The Beauty of Scribbles



It's interesting to realize
when you start getting older...
I can't believe I'm pushing 30 with 3 kids
and have yet to get to
the financial place I want to be in.

I'm watching Nip/Tuck right now.
Definitely not good for those of us
in absolutely opposite positions
from these wealthy, beautiful people.

Not that I'm not pretty...
though I did gain weight.

But my body hates me and the things I put it through,
so it's time for me to rethink my bad habits and
replace them with
good ones.
Like exercise...
and nicotine patches.

Funny how a single day of productivity
can inspire such a life-changing decision.

Every single task is crossed off
on my to-do list for today.

That hasn't happened in months,
but I defini
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