Isn't it pretty?

I finally took some time today to chill out in the kitchen after I cleaned up the counters and do something with the front cover of my "altered book."

I'm actually really glad that I wound up painting it green because the pink border goes so well with it. My next mission will be the spine and the back cover, although I'm thinking about taking a breather from the cover and doing some more interior work hahaha.

If I didn't have so much work to do today I would totally go back into that kitchen and grab some sparkly pens and sharpies....

But alas. There are other things calling out to me, so I will have to do those... including but not limited to... (read more!)

My son, Gabe, has a fascination for coloring on the walls, getting into my books, and drawing on my calendar.

I suppose that's to be expected since he's 2, but it does get annoying sometimes... especially if he colors on something important.

Then I have to explain to the electric company why the bill is scribbled on, or my daughter's teacher why my signature is on the back of the paper as opposed to on the signature line....
Okay, so I have always had an inclination to use kitchen counters to spread out markers and art supplies, doodle, listen to music, and just express myself.

This originated from when I used to hang out with this girl in her kitchen on a daily basis and we would listen to the radio and write down snippets of lyrics or other random things. Now that I have my own large kitchen counter, I do it here. Well, sort of.
I just like the idea of sitting at my kitchen counter with a lot of wiggle room and being able to spread everything out without a problem (and without my toddler son being able to get his little fingers on my acrylic paints)....

So, I'm starting this blog for whenever I go and have random creative moments in my kitchen. The poem that sprang from this found poem exercise is as follows:

burnt sensation
habitual soul
insensible knowledge

idea of desires
proceeding disorder

associating ideas
is violent organization

thoughts combining ideas
representing images

Check back for more of my random spurts of kitchen creativity!