I traveled to another planet in my dreams last night and wanted to write about this before I immerse myself in editing work because it was so weird. And interesting.

As some of you guys may already know, I have some of the weirdest dreams ever. Last night was no exception - I dreamed that we had to move to another planet because the earth was on a collision  course with a star, so if we stayed, we would completely fry along with the planet.

Fun fact about this planet: I'd been there before in a different dream to visit someone who was involved in my adoption. In that dream, we were there for a week to visit and hang out.

The planet has small, bouncing meteorites that fall to its surface and then bounce back up into the atmosphere. I know. Weird and very impossible... but imagine yourself seeing a ball flying toward you from what looks like outer space only for it to bounce harmlessly and fly back up. Just the fact that it doesn't hurt the planet's surface is a huge relief after noticing how close it is!

As we began settling in after arriving through some kind of portal, we realized that a number of the people on this planet were more primitive than we were, but the planet itself was an amazing place to live. We had landed in a spot in what looked like a sort of desert, but halfway around this world, there were lush, green jungles. It was warmer than earth.

Before long, someone called out for my attention and said, "Look, it's burning through - you should watch because this is only going to happen once."

I ran over to where they stood and watched as earth passed by us, looming incredibly huge and traveling quickly toward the sun of this solar system.

We continued to watch as earth moved closer and closer to the sun, until we couldn't watch anymore because it was too bright.

My little daughter also had a dream about space last night. She just told me that she got stuck in space, while her sister found a way home. Then we sent her a space suit and she was able to return, only to go swimming in a pool and somehow be transported back to space and getting stuck again. "Water leads to space," she finished with a little giggle.

Craziness in the subconscious. It's time for me to work now... I'll try not to be too preoccupied with outer space today =).


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