This poem came to mind today while I was editing entries for the first Soul Vomit anthology. I hope you enjoy it!
On the outside, I smile.
I socialize,
I laugh,
I have a good time...
And most of the time,
It works.

On the inside, I cry.
I worry,
I wonder,
I feel hopeless and afraid...
And most of the time,
It hurts.

On the outside, I sing.
I am strong,
I love,
I'm determined...
And most of the time,
It works.

On the inside, I mourn.
I contain,
I maintain,
I cage anger and fear...
And most of the time,
It hurts.

On the outside, I dance.
I'm alive,
I ignite,
I focus on the pieces
That haven't been broken.

And you know what?
Most of the time,
It works.


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