Just thinking on screen....



I just finished attending a webinar by Mike Klingler, who is a coach I follow on Facebook. Every time I attend one of these, I always have a million ideas shoot through my head about my own business, and have been having some thoughts on the Soul Vomit anthology especially.

The reminder to continue learning was a big focus this evening. There were other focuses as well, but that one struck me especially hard for some reason. I love learning. I love information. I also dropped out of college the last time I tried to go... but I still feel like that was a better choice than continuing when my passion is already right in front of my face in the form of Broken Publications and my own writing.

I know what my cause is and what I stand for, and that's stopping domestic violence and helping victims to leave their abusers and thrive in happy lives afterward. I'm really hoping that some of the things I've learned will help others to do just that and allowing others to publish their stories in order to raise awareness as well as giving people a chance to write out their experiences for therapeutic reasons. Maybe it will help them just like it helped me.

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Day 5 Without Cigarettes



I keep getting Tori Amos stuck in my head. "She's addicted to nicotine patches...."

Aside from that, the days have been good. I'm way more productive now that I don't smoke that it's almost ridiculous. I have more energy, more focus... I feel like my brain is finally working better again.

This is fantastic news because I can finally really write again! Hooray!!!

Now for the bad news. I locked myself out of my e-mail and forgot my purse at a friend's last night, so now I don't have my anti-depressants.... BUT she's dropping off my purse and I already contacted Hotmail to let them know what's up. I just have to wait a little while for now, but after checking my list of things I didn't finish yesterday, I realized I can do all of that without my e-mail, so... more good news =).

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Trust the journey - trust yourself.




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The Beauty of Scribbles



It's interesting to realize
when you start getting older...
I can't believe I'm pushing 30 with 3 kids
and have yet to get to
the financial place I want to be in.

I'm watching Nip/Tuck right now.
Definitely not good for those of us
in absolutely opposite positions
from these wealthy, beautiful people.

Not that I'm not pretty...
though I did gain weight.

But my body hates me and the things I put it through,
so it's time for me to rethink my bad habits and
replace them with
good ones.
Like exercise...
and nicotine patches.

Funny how a single day of productivity
can inspire such a life-changing decision.

Every single task is crossed off
on my to-do list for today.

That hasn't happened in months,
but I defini
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