Seven days.

It might just be me, but I've always thought there was something poetic about the number seven. Seven days in a week, seven deadly sins, seven tears, dog years....

It's funny because I've been so much more productive and have been reading a lot more because every time I find I want to smoke a cigarette, I pick up a book. I read an entire novella today and posted a review, am on the verge of finishing another book, and have a whole stack of books that I can still read sitting to the right of me.

I don't think I've read this much since I was pregnant with my oldest daughter... lol, gee, wonder what happened?

It feels nice to feel like I have enough time to do the things I want to do. I was constantly feeling like I couldn't get everything done. Who knew it was because I was spending so much time inhaling smoke?

I love being able to read more often again.

But on another note: I've been reaching out to all sorts of people and organizations online in order to get the word out about the anthology as well as my efforts to raise capital for Broken Publications. The bad news is that it is extremely tedious work. I literally pulled up about 50-75 Facebook pages devoted to domestic violence, survivors, and organizations in support of stopping the violence and set them each messages. Whew!

The good news is that I've gotten a handful of responses and have been invited to write a guest piece on a news web site, which is awesome. They'll link back to me, which ultimately leads to all of my sites and work that I'm doing.

If you check on the "Hire Jen for Services" page and scroll to the bottom, you'll see my RSS feed from my Triond account, where I've also been writing articles about domestic violence in order to help get the word out about everything.

I'm hoping to be able to get a lot more accomplished tonight and tomorrow.

I'm also editing the next book, which will be released sometime in June. This time, it's a sci-fi/fantasy novel, which will hopefully reach out to a number of new readers.

Life is good right now... I think I just need to keep going and make sure I secure some financial freedom in the next 5 years =).

I hope that if any of you write, you'll submit to Soul Vomit: Beating Domestic Violence as well as The Apocalypse Project!


Candi White
05/21/2012 17:56

I'm so proud of you! Glad to see you're turning all those cravings into something productive! Especially reading! You're doing great things with the Soul Vomit and Apocalypse projects :) Can't wait to read both!

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06/27/2012 05:11

you are doing very good thing,,quitting cigarette is very difficult i know..but you did it..

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08/13/2012 00:32

Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer.
I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.

Jen link
08/13/2012 15:15

Thanks so much for your comment & compliment! I appreciate it. Happy to report that I'm still smoke-free! The longer I go, the more healthy I feel. Very awesome. Thanks again - I'm glad you enjoyed the blog!



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